Ladder Wire Mesh Welded for Brick Wall Block Construction System

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We supply two types of Brick and Masonry Wall Reinforcement Mesh: Welded steel ladder mesh and Expanded Metal Mesh Lathing. Carbon steel ladder type reinforcement is designed to be embedded in the horizontal mortar joints of wall blocks, while expanded metal mesh is to be incorporated into masonry composite walls for crack control.

Ladder Shaped Wire Fabricated with Cross Rods

Welded ladder mesh is designed to be embedded in the horizontal mortar joints of masonry and brick walls. It consists of two parallel side rods with cross rods welded at 16” (400 mm) O. C., thus forming a ladder configuration. Overall measurement (side-to-side rod) is approximately 2” (50 mm) less than the nominal wall thickness.

Another advantage of ladder-shaped wire is evident when grout is placed and consolidated. The absence of diagonal (truss) cross-wires improves the flow and consolidation of grout. Under Articles 3.43 B.4.d, the MSJC Code typically requires CMU block (i.e. hollow units) to be placed so vertical cells to be grouted are aligned.

Placement of reinforcing steel ladder mesh offers the following advantages:
1. Ladder design can provide an unobstructed path for grout flow.
2. The welded mesh is placed with cross-rods centered directly over block webs, it positions butt-welded T-intersections of each longitudinal wire with cross-rods. The block face shells meet each web. When laid in running bond pattern, two-cell blocks are placed with face shell mortar bedding only. Block meshes are only mortar-bedded adjacent to vertically reinforced cells.

The wall reinforcing welded mesh has the welding spots of warp wire and weft wire on the same surface. This ladder sheet reduces cracking greatly while increases lateral flexural strength and elasticity. It provides substantial time and cost savings over the traditional work methods in building surface, wall, ground, bridge, river bank and airport projects.

Wire Structural Rebar Placement
3/16″Rod and 9 Gauge Wire Welded Ladder Mesh Placed Over Web of Block

Common Sizes:
Wire Diameter :
Standard ( 9ga x 9ga).
Heavy ( 3/16″ Side Rods x 9ga Cross Rods).
Extra Heavy (3/16″ Side Rods x 3/16″ Cross Rods).

Surface Process:
Mill Galvanized
Hot Dip Galvanized
Stainless Steel

Sheet Width: 2'', 4'', 6'', 8'', 10'', 12'', 14'' . Coil or Sheet Length : 10'

50 Pieces per bundle , 1000 pieces per pallet .

Suitable for use in a variety of applications in:
Concrete footpaths;
Industrial and commercial ground slabs;
Precast Panel construction;
Residential slabs and footings;
Ladder mesh welded panel used in building surface, exterior wall, ground and bridges.

Benefits of using:
Protecting the project quality;
Enhancing anti-shock and anti-cracking performance;
Save steel material;
Speeding up the construction progress;
Lowering the project costs.

We can provide customers with special specifications:

6x6 welded wire mesh reinforcement for slab on grade;
1/4 inch brick wall reinforced welded wire mesh;
Reinforcement 12" Brick Mesh;
Galvanized 1x1 brick wall reinforced welded wire mesh;
Brick reinforcement 75mmx75mm Weld mesh.

Welded Cross Rod Mesh Coils
Block Mesh Reinforcement, Block Use Wall Mesh, 9 Gauge Galvanized Carbon Steel Reinforcement for mortar joints of construction block.

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