Ornamental Black Painted Galvanised Steel Picket Fence Panels

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We supply modern steel security fence processed from welded steel tubes or bars. Top / head styles are flat top, double rail top and picket top. The powder coated steel panels are mainly used as ornamental perimeter fencing for residences and gardens. A modular ornamental fencing system made up of brackets, rails, pickets, fasteners and gates. We supply hollow section metal gates in swing & cantilever slide gates with rolled or contour rails.

Hollow Section Ornamental Fence Materials: Hot rolled steel, or wrought iron

Decorative Railing Panels with Flat Top Rail, for villa perimeter barrier

Black Painted Galvanized Steel Ornamental Picket Fence

Spear Top Square Tubular Panels
25x25 mm black painted galvanised steel picket fence with spear top. The fence pickets are inserted through laser cut holes in 40x40mm square galvanised steel tube cross rails. The holes in the cross rails are silicone bronze welded.
Double Rail Picket Fence
Polyester powder coated welded panel, 21 pickets of 5/8'', 18 gauge, rails are 1''x1'', 16 gauge tube.

The pressed tubular spear security fencing is a pre-fabricated steel fence system commonly integrated with industrial & commerical property ,educational facilitues and public infrastructure.

1. Material: hot dipped galvanized steel square tube, wall thickness shall be 18 or 16 gauge.
2. Black color polyester powder coated
3. 2400mm wide x 1800mm high, 2400m wide x 2100m high 
4. 40x40x1.2mm top and bottom rail, 25x25x1.0mm Verticals
5. Gap in between the pickets is 110mm
6. Post 60x60x1.5mm or 80x80x2.0mm. 


Rail Tube Vertical Tube 60 steel column 80 steel column Height
45*45*1.2mm 25*25*1.0mm 60*60*1.5mm 80*80*2.0mm 1.2m / 1.5m/ 1.8m/ 2.1m
40*40*1.2mm 19*19*1.0mm  60*60*1.5mm 80*80*2.0mm 1.2m / 1.5m/ 1.8m/ 2.1m
32*32*1.2mm 16*16*1.0mm 60*60*1.5mm 80*80*2.0mm 1.2m / 1.5m/ 1.8m/ 2.1m

 Steel Panel Styles

With a chemically bonded powder coated finish and zinc phosphate undercoat, a steel fence panel can outlast an aluminum panel even in harsh conditions. Steel construction panels allows for longer time use without sag under weight or stress, which also allows for fewer post holes and less labor!

Bracket Types include line boulevard bracket, universal boulevard bracket and flat mount bracket.

Steel Picket Models: 5 standard models: 2-rail, 3-rail, 3-rail system with top rings, 4 rails system, 2 rails system with top and bottom rings.


1. Heavy duty Crimp top picket steel fence in Black color only
2.Width 2400mm x Height 1800mm Crimp top diamond shape
3.40x40x1.6mm top rail,25x25x1.2mm Verticals
4. There are 17 vertical pickets 20x20mm with diamond crimped on top.
5. Gap in between the pickets is 110mm
6. 60x60x2mm thick post - these are 3m long each not 2.6m long as others supply.
7. Normal fence powder coated brackets
8. Security fence brackets (powder coated )
9. Caps for 60x60 posts (powder coated )
10. Phosphate treated before powder coating (Very Important)
11.All panels are fully protected

Posts for Picket Fence
According to the usage, posts can be divided into 2 kinds. One kind is embeded post (At least 50cm will
be embeded under the ground. The other kind is Post with flanged chasis. According to the direction,
posts including Line post, Corner post & End post.

Horizontal Rails:
Type 1: Punch round hole on 20*40mm rail or 40*40mm or 45*45mm rail:
Type2: Punch square hole on 40*40mm rail or 20*40mm or 45*45mm rail:
Type 3: Punch holes on 1-7/16’’ * 1-1/2’’ “U” Type rail:

Surface Treatments:
Base Material: Hot-dip Galvanized steel
Technology Procedure - Four layers surface coating treatment:
1. Hot-dip galvanizing: Extra protection against rust, corrosion;
2 Zinc phosphate: Promote the adhesion between the steel and coating film;
3. Zinc-rich epoxy powder coat: Providing long-lasting, anti-impaction and anti-corrosion;
4. Polyester color coat: With extra anti-UV rays, corrosion and self-cleaning

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