Modular Welded Mesh Partition Shelving for Storage and Display

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In addition to enclosures and shielding, we supply mesh partition panels used for construction of storage shelf. The partition panels are used in supermarket, retail shop, warehouse, cool room, home, garages, kitchens. as versatile and adjustable industrial shelf materials.

Metal Mesh Partition Shelves

Industrial Wire Shelf is versatile, durable, easily adjustable. We supply wine shelf, magazine shelf, display shelf and storage shelves. Special designs can be customized.

Main features:
1. Portable.
2. Wire shelf size can be customized.
3. Surface can be Chrome, Zinc galvanized, powder coat.
4. DIY height for each level; adjusted post can be knock down for easy packing purpose.
5. Adjustable leveler feet and wheel are available.
6. The mesh panels are easy to operate, light in weight and replacable.

Structure: It's constructed of tough carbon steel mesh sheet, plated in Bright Zinc, then lacquer coated.

Capacity: All sizes of wire shelving carry heavy duty loads with up to 1250 pounds capacity per shelf level on starter units.

Shelving Types: Multilayer shelving, adjustable.

Supermarket Display Mesh Shelf of Multi Tier Shelving Panels
Wire Gauge: 3.0*4.5*6.0MM Heavy duty supermarket shelf with loading capacity of 250Kgs per Tier

Major Shelves Sizes :
3.0*4.5*6.0MM Heavy duty loading capacity: 250Kgs per Tier, Post Gauge: 25.4*1.2 thickness
2.0*3.5*5.0MM-Light duty-Loading capacity:100KGS/Tier, Support Post Gauge: 19*1.0 thickness

Welded wire panels for display shelving: 8 ft x 8ft. x 3/16” dia. wire 2x4” openings. or 2.43m. x 2.43metres panels. 5mm. wire dia. openings 50.8mm x 101.6 mm.

Surface treatments of the industrial wire partition shelving:
1. Chrome plated
2. Powder coated
3. Plasic-coated

Featured Products: Gridwall Shelf

We supply standard wire mesh gridwall shelving panels and accessories for fixing and storing: wall mount bracket, clamps, grid shelf bracket, gridwall utility hooks, hangrails, etc. Mainly used for store fixture, kitchen organizer, exhibition booth decoration and home decoration, etc.

Thickness of shelf: 0.7-1.0mm
Thickness of back panel: 0.6-0.7mm
Surface treatment: phosphate rust - epoxy polyester coating proces
Layer board can be adjusted freely, base foot assemble with the upright
Bearing capacity: 120kg per shelf
Size (L x W x H):
Single-side:1000/1250/1330x 370/470/570x1500/1800/2000/2200/2400/2600/2800/3000mm
Double-side:1000/1250/1330 x 820/1020/1220 x1500/1800/2000/2200/2400/2600mm

Black Powder Coated Galvanized Mesh Grid Shelf
Three Tier Supermarket Gridwall Shelf Assembled with Black Chrome Plated Iron Mesh

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