Welded Wire Mesh Fence Panels Production Machine

CNC Welder System designed for manufacturing of various fencing sheets: temp fence, 3d mesh panels, 358 mesh panels and euro garden fence. The fence panels can be galvanised and pvc coated. We offer On site installation and workers training services for our overseas machine buyers.

Technical Information:

Wire diameter applied: 2.5-6mm; 1.8mm-3.2mm
Longitude wire space: 50-300mm
Cross wire space: min. 25mm/12.7mm
Mesh sheet width: 1200-4000mm
Welding speed: 50-75 times/min
Welding transformer: 125kva*6pcs
Longitude wire feeding: pre-cut
Cross wire feeding: pre-cut & hopper
Welding electrodes: 48pcs

Machine for Wire Cutting and Mesh Panel Bending Process
Curved Mesh Fence Machine
Production Line for PVC Coated Galvanised Welded Wire Mesh Net Fence

Main Electric Components
Panasonic (Japan) PLC program
Weinview (Taiwan) touch screen
Schneider (France) air switch
Schneider (France) low-voltage apparatus
ABB (Switzerland Sweden) switch
Tengen (China) isolation transformer
Delta (Taiwan) VFD
Meanwell (Taiwan) power supply
Panasonic (Japan) servo driver
Omron (Japan) encoder

Auxiliary Equipments: Wire mesh straightening and cutting machine, 2 sets
Wire diameter: 2-6mm
Cut length: 100-6000mm
Straighten motor: 2.2kw
Cut motor: 1.5kw
Speed: 30m/min
Straighten degree: +/-1mm
Material: round bar or ribebd bar
Machine size:2100*800*1100mm
Weight: 350KG

Fence mesh bending machine, 1 set
Wire diameter: 2.5-6mm
Width: 3200mm
Pressure: 100T
Nominal pressur: 800KN
Motor: 7.5KW
Dimension: 3340*1000*2300mm
Weight: 3T

Features of CNC Fence Panel Welding Machine:
1, Main unit: Welded with thick steel sheet and section steel, strong and concise.
2, Welding Electronic Control System: Digital integration circuit control. Highly precise. Stable function.
3, Wire Laying Features: Weft wire feeding devices can be divided into auto feeding devices and hopper feeding devices.
4, Wire mesh moving: Flexible pull role and mesh fixing devices. Easyly adjustment of wire mesh. Precise mesh opening.
5, This kind of welding machine can reduce material loss to minimum.
6, Transformer: Multi grade adjustment.

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