Galvanised Wire Mesh Panels for Radiant Floor Heating System

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This product is also called geothermal mesh, floor heating mesh panels, slab reinforcing mesh. Floor Heating Wire Mesh Panel is used in building of concrete slabs with radiant floor heating system. This kind of galvanized wire mesh sheets offer strong welding spots, flat surface and precise openings, suitable for installation and fixing of heating pipes or cables in building floors.

Ground Heating Mesh of galvanized steel square hole welded grid, for geothermic system heating uses in modern buildings.
Galv. Welded Square Mesh Floor Heating Panels
Panel Sizes Wire Dia (MM) Aperture (CM) Net WT (KG)
1M × 2M 2.00 10×10 1.06
1M × 2M 2.00 15×15 0.67
1M × 2M 2.00 20×20 0.56
1M × 2M 2.50 10×10 1.65
1M × 2M 2.50 15×15 1.04
1M × 2M 2.50 20×20 0.88
1M × 2M 3.00 10×10 2.38
1M × 2M 3.00 15×15 1.5
1M × 2M 3.00 20×20 1.27

Square Hole Galvanized Mesh, Welded at 10 x 10 cm, with wire of 2mm

Benefits of Using Floor Slab Insulation System

Modern builders, constructing companies and the residents are using more and more floor slab radiant heating systm. It is made with pre-fabricated slab mesh panels in custom size to fit the buildings and easy for installation. Installing tubing in a slab or thin slab for radiant floor heating offers many great benefits. Two of the main features people love about radiant heat are the comfort of warm floors and the efficiency associated with this method of heating.

Welded Wire for Slab Tubing Spacing Protection
Galvanised Iron Mesh Sheets 6 x 6, the mesh can be re-meshed.


If you're planning a radiant floor heating system, we can help provide radiant design slab meshes with installation tips.

. Do any excavation, filling necessary or required by local building codes
. Verify that all under slab plumbing and/or electrical services are in place
. Finish grading by leveling and tamping the fill - rake off any loose rocks or debris - until it can allow for the thickness of both the slab and any under slab insulation
. Use plastic sheeting vapor barrier to prevent moisture from migrating upward and prevents adverse effects on floor coverings and/or adhesives
. Place the under slab and/or edge insulation
. Install welded-wire reinforcing. We normally recommend 6 by 6 wire mesh, for tubing spacing
. In cases, if you have foam insulation down already, you can use foam staples to install your tubing and forego the wire mesh.

Steel Mesh Panels for Thermal Radiant Tubes Installation Reinforcing to Protect the Water Flow Tubes / Pipes

Processing Options

Welded after hot dipped galvanized;
Welded after electro galvanized;
Welded before electro galvanized;
Welded before hot dipped galvanised;
Welded by stainless steel wire

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