Steel Support Trellis Stakes for Vineyards and Climbing Plants

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The vineyard trellising plant is also named vineyard stake, vineyard post, grape support post. The hot dip galvanized steel post /pole supports are mainly used in farms, orchards and gardens for vine plants.

Post/Pole Section size: 50x30mm, 50x34mm, 60x40mm
Post Thickness: 1.5mm as standard, Thickness: 1.2mm- 2.5mm
Length: 4ft,5ft,6ft,7ft, 8ft
Finish: Hot dipped galvanized, Electro Galvanized, Powder coated or PVC Coated
Material: Hot Dip Zinc Coated Steel Coil Sheet,
Height: 1500mm, 1800mm, 2200mm, 2400mm, 2800mm, etc
Material: Low carbon Steel:Q235.

Trellis Posts: Vineyard Stakes with Cross Bars and Tension Wires

 Galvanized Metal Fencing Post / Vineyard Stakes
Galvanized fencing post designed for vine yards, with two cross bars and four trellis wires

We offer trellis posts with four Trellis Designs

Option 1:
ModelT-2-4 Trellis Post with 2 Cross Bars and 4 Wires
Cross bars: 2
Trellis wires: 4
Post length: 200cm
Ground level: 50cm
First bar above ground: 50cm
Second bar above ground: 150cm
Trellis bar length: 40cm
Trellis wires position:
First two wires: at cross bar 50 cm above ground
The other two wires: fixed at cross bar at post top

Option 2:
ModelT-1-5: Trellis Post with 1 Cross Bar, one Y bar and five wires
Cross bars: 1
Trellis wires: 5
Y bars: 1
Post length: 200cm
Ground level: 50cm
Y bar above ground: 50cm
Y bar reaching top cross bar: 100 cm
Cross bar at top, length: 40 cm
Trellis wires position:
First wire: 50 cm above ground
Second two wires: 100 cm above ground, at middle slots of Y bar
Tops two wires: at cross bar

Option 3:
ModelT-2: Trellis Post with two wires
Cross bars:non
Trellis wires: 2
Post length: 200cm
Trellis wires position:
First wire fixed in slots above ground: 50cm
Second support wire: fixed at post top

Option 4:
ModelT-3-6 Trellis Post with 3 Cross Bars and 6 Tension Wires
Cross bars: 3
Trellis wires: 6
Post length: 200cm
Ground level: 50cm
First bar above ground: 50cm
Second bar above ground: 100cm
Third bar: top bar
Trellis wires position:
First two wires: fixed at first cross bar
Second two wires: fixed at second cross bar
Third two wires: fixed at top

Hollow Section Vineyard Metal Posts

Grapes Trellis Support Stake

50x30mm hollow section vineyard support post, 1.5mm thickness sheet for Orchard Plantations, with Zinc coated 275g/mm2
General Specification
Length (m) 1.5 m ,1.8m, 2.0m ,2.2m, 2.5m, 3.0 m
Thickness (mm) 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm
Material Q235 carbon steel or 304 stainless steel
Zinc Thickness 50g,120g,180g,250g,275g
Coating Color Silver, green,black
Package  400 pcs -500pcs per pallet

• Strong, easy installation and long lasting.
• Wire slot that provides complete control of trellis wires
• Reduced installation and set-up costs

Metal Sheet Thickness and Hollow Section Size:

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Vineyard Trellis Post, for farms and agricultural uses
Thickness 50x30mm 54x30mm 50X40mm 60x40mm Length
1.2mm     1.8m-2.5m
1.5mm 1.8m-2.8m
1.8mm 2.0m-2.8m
2.0mm   2.0m-2.8m
2.5mm     2.0m-3.0m

Europe Style Climbing Plants Support Poles

50x30mm Steel Poles with Punched Slots
Vine and Other Climbing Plant Support Trellis Poles Thickness Length Surface Finishing
54x30mm 1.2mm 1.8-2.5m Hot dipped Galvanized, Powder coating
1.5mm 1.8-2.8m
1.8mm 1.8-2.8m
2.0mm 1.8m-3m

Climbing Vegetables and Plants Support Netting

Description: 5M x 2M Gardening Plant Support Net
Product Size: 5M x 2M & Mesh size: 150~170mm x 150mm
Color: Green
Materials: PE

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