Green Coated Euro Style Welded Wire Mesh for Fencing Uses

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A kind of ornamental fence for yards and gardens with ripple or wave mesh patterns. Green coated wave pattern welded mesh is also known as Euro mesh fence, Garden Mesh or Holland fence. It is made with crimped wire with green pvc coating. The unique curved ripple patterns give beautiful decoration effects.

Green Powder Coated Garden Fence
PVC Coated Crimped Wire Fence for Garden Borders Fencing, Supplied with Y Post and T Post

50x75mm Welded Mesh Holland Mesh used in highways, railways, airport, residences, harbor, wharf, breeding and poultry fencing
Square Hole Residential Fence
Decorative mesh fence for residential backyards, perimeters.

Holland Fence / Euro Garden Fence can be made of black mild steel wire or galvanized wire, quality welded on each joint point, PVC PE or PP powder coated. Galvanized or pvc coated offering good resistance to corrosion and ultra violet radiation. The panels and posts are jointed together with the special plastic clamps or strong stainless steel.

Surface Treatment
Processing involved includes PVC coated after welding, or electro galvanized only, hot dipped zinc coated.
PVC, PE or PP powder coating.

Mesh 50mmx50mm, 50mmx75mm, 50mmx100mm
Roll Width: 0.5 - 2.0M
Roll Length: 10m-30m or custom size.

Also Welded Mesh Panels for Garden Fencing at Sizes:
- 2mx1m - mesh: 52,9x53,3mm
- Diameter: 1,72-1,75mm
Electro-galvanized and hot-dipped galvanized

With the feature of flat surface and firm structure, ripple crimped welded mesh fence offers good strength and excellent property against rust and corrosion. The mesh openings and sizes can be customized to meet your specific fencing needs.


This Euro style mesh or Holland mesh is used for security as well as decoration in residences, agriculture, industry, transportation, and urban construction, etc.

1. For Security
Euro mesh fence is ideal for lockers, store partitions, window guards, perimeter fencing, and similar barriers against unwelcome intruders.
2. For Building
Welded crimped mesh fence plays an important part in the construction field where guarding and protecting are two significant factors. Also used as resident fence, tree guards, window guards, motor way bridge parapets, and safety guards on scaffold, etc.
3. For Agriculture
Welded crimped mesh fence has a wide range of application in the agricultural field. For example, it can be used as rearing cages.

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