We supply three types of machines: Heavy Steel Bar Reinforcing Mesh Welding Machine, Fence Panel Production Line and Plants for Galv. and Powder Coated Welded Mesh Roll and Panels. We help with installation on site and technical training.

Welding Machine with Popular Specifications for Producing Galvanized and Power Coated Welded Mesh for General Purpose:

Welded width(mm) 914.4, 1219.2, 1524('36', '48', '60',)
Mesh(mm)  6.35 - 12.7( 1/4,- 1/2,)
Welded diameter(mm) F0.54 - F1.0(BWG24 - BWG19)
Welded speed(Mesh/Min) =30- 60( radial )
Power 3+N~50- 60Hz 80/220V±10%=250 - 315KVA
Welded transformer capacity 50KVA × 3
60KVA × 4
60KVA × 4

Heavy Reinforcing Welded Mesh Machine Popular Specifications:

MODEL NO. RMW-5/12-3300 RMW-5/12-3000 RMW-5/12-2400
Rated transformer 8*125KVA 8*125KVA 6*125KVA
Max. Width 3300mm 3000mm 2400mm
Mesh opening 100-400mm 100-400mm 100-400mm
Number of Eletrodes 33 (CAN BE REQUIRE) 30 (CAN BE REQUIRE) 24 (CAN BE REQUIRE)
Wire diameter 5-12 MM 5-12 MM 5-12 MM
SPEED 60-80 line/min 60-80 line/min 60-80 line/min
Air pressure (Mpa) (0.7Mpa) 4.5m 3 (0.7Mpa) 4.5m 3 (0.7Mpa) 4.5m 3
Feeding materials Wire rod or line wire Wire rod or line wire Wire rod or line wire
RAW MATERIALS Reiforced steel bar Reiforced steel bar Reiforced steel bar

Welded Mesh (Garden Fence, Perimeter Fence, Temp Fence, Euro Fence) Fence Panel Machine with Specifications:

Welding wire diameter: 1.8mm-3.2mm
Welding opening: 50x50mm to 150x150mm
Welding width: 1200-4000mm

Mesh welding machine series we supply and export:
Reinforcing mesh welding machine, fence mesh welding machine, animal cage welding machine, steel grating welding machine, roll mesh welding machine, wire straightening and cutting machine, etc.

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